Miami is off to a great start

Ulrich and I were welcomed warmly at Jackson Memorial. Our first day in Miami was nothing but spectacular. Dr. Hutson and Dr. Quinnan have a very  unique practice, with a mix of acute trauma as well as late complications related to trauma, infection and even pediatric deformities that persisted into adulthood. No shortage of cases that benefit from the use of frames!

Dr. Quinnan started us off with a day of cases, including a distal tibial nonunion treated with a TSF, a severe knee flexion contracture treated with a TSF and posterior releases, and a polytrauma case with a Pilon treated in an Ilizarov. The method of using an ilizarov frame from the very beginning for pilon fractures is an interesting take that has many clear benefits. He of course addresses the articular surface with buried wires, screws and low profile plates. He explained that cases with bone loss or angular deformity are addressed with a transport 6 weeks after injury. A very novel approach indeed that eliminates the need for bulky plates which has a potential advantage in reducing infections and wound complications.

What was impossible to miss today was Dr. Quinnan’s attention to detail. We were guided through the planning, execution and followup plans for these cases, with a plethora of tips from using iced saline for a saw blade, cork on wires to prevent getting stuck with a sharp point, and washing your pins through the cannula to make sure the dog doesn’t have anything to lick! Oh and Ulrik my co-fellow modeled the chic Miami style lead gowns for us.



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