Goodbye Orlando!

Incredibly our first week is over! We spent the remainder of the week observing Dr Iobst in the OR. We were exposed to the whole spectrum of limb reconstruction surgery, varying from monolateral rails, to different types of hexapods, to internal fixation. Highlights for me included the percutaneous proximal femoral valgus osteotomy with concomitant distal femoral lengthening using a monolateral external fixator. I was struck by how a significant deformity with leg length discrepancy could be corrected with such an elegant technique. In addition I was particularly impressed by the fixator assisted fixator technique; a method to accurately achieve acute correction prior to lengthening with a rail.

Both Natasha and I have certainly learnt a great deal from our visit to Dr Iobst in Orlando. It has been a unique experience to spend a whole week with one surgeon, observing clinics, ORs and being able to spend time discussing limb reconstruction strategies in great detail.

We are both incredibly grateful to Dr Iobst and his colleagues at Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando for their hospitality. This week has been thoroughly rewarding and we look forward to the next 3 weeks.


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