Charlotte welcomes the Adult LLRS fellows

Miami set the bar high for the traveling fellowship sites, however Charlotte is quickly winning us over with its charm, friendliness, and of course, the opportunity to work with Dr. Joseph Hsu. Sunday we were welcomed to his house, met his family and enjoyed some sushi and beer. Oh and there may have even been a planking competition.

Dr. Hsu welcomed us to his clinic, where several very interesting cases were presented, including the use of frames or nails for fusions of infected joints (knees and ankles), plating over nails for nonunions, a case of a stump lengthening for a short traumatic BKA, and most impressive is his inclusion of soft tissue management into his practice.

On Tuesday we started our morning with a great talk on the topic of bone defects given by Dr. Hsu himself. We then had the opportunity to watch Dr. Hsu and his team take on an incredibly difficult pilon fracture, then we were off to the cadaver lab where we learned and employed several rotational flaps for soft tissue coverage, including a gastrocnemius flap, soleus flap, reverse sural flap, and the infamous GEM flap. Oh and we got to play around with some frames as well of course.

The night ended with a wonderful dinner with the faculty and residents.


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