Leaving Charlotte…

Leaving Charlotte: An amazing and very concentrated learning experience: Our week in clean and beautiful Charlotte has come to an end. From early morning to late in the evening. We have learned tons of tips and tricks on frames, flaps, pilons and non-union. We have shadowed fantastic Dr. Hsu, who patiently taught us rotational flaps in the cadaver lab, and it was a great hands on experience. Two days after, we saw one of the flaps applied to a patients An opportunity for rehearsing, testing, reading, taking notes and see the real thing. Awesome. We saw mixing of cement and the setup for antibiotic coated nails applied to non unions. I finally found the recipe that I had been looking for. We saw distraction of a hypertrophic non-union in a frame, and supplementary plating and grafting of a femoral non-union, previously nailed. We saw an ankle fusion in a frame on a diabetic pt. with a failed malleolar fracture ORIF. We did tailor spatial frame planning. We took notes on all the little subtleties of framing, pin and wire placement, the importance of balancing the talus under the tibia when fusing and dorsiflection etc. We had lectures on the rising epidemic of drug abuse on America. We were equally well received by the residents and fellows who also taught us trips and tricks and had prepared cases for us on deformity planning in Rickets and a bone transport case. The social calendar was full, and we had great dinners and discussions on teaching and learning, politics, traveling and culture. Thanks a million to Dr. Hsu and his kind family for an unforgettable week. 

We lived in a guest house provided by the hospital at a very low cost and we could walk to the hospital, making this week very budget friendly. 


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