HSS – New York City

Our final week of this amazing fellowship has comed. Mani and I spend a great and somewhat different week at the HSS in NYC. Dr. Rozbruch and Dr. Fragomen taught us lots of interesting aspects of deformity correction. We saw artificial talar bones, transparent (carbon) plates and nail, cryo-ablation of phantom pain after resection of nerves (neuromas/amputations). We saw curretage of cystic lesions, lengthening nails, and TSF frames. Proximal tibial osteotomi with TSF frame one side, and TomoFix plate on the other for correction of bilateral varus. We discusses aspects of the subtleties of LATN and LON technique and how to treat regenerate healing issues.

We also lots af patients in the clinic, both public and private. Ankle distraction for talocrural arthritis and how the frame was applied and the mobility maintained. We saw nailing assisted correction of a proximal tibial deformity, including peroneal nerve decompresssion. We had a very nice farewell dinner, together with the recidents. We learned a lot, saw a lot, and met some of the authors and inventors of techniques and articles and text books that we use regularly in our deformity planning. We also interacted with the fellows and medical students and had a fantastic time in sophisticated NYC.
Flying home with the iPhone and the pc full of notes, pictures and personal, unforgettable memories of professional knowledge sharing, friendship and network possibilities…./Ulrik


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